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Binary Bug -  Algo Binary Trading

Binary Bug specializes in the development of trading algorithms and trade execution technology. Our set of analytical tools, statistical models and complex algorithms has made us a world leader in the high frequency trading sector.
Careful research, continuous commitment to innovation and highly talented employees has enabled us to develop our unique technology.
Furthermore, by understanding the potential and strengths of this technology, we have been able to continue to refine and adapt it to new markets and opportunities

Binary Bug offers a wide range of technological solutions for a Secured
Automated Trading Experience.
Our goal is to create perfect synergy between the technology solutions to your investments needs.

Binary Bug is the perfect match for people who want to trade but don’t have the time to trade or to learn how to do it.

Binary Bug Features and benefits
 Over 30 months of live trading
 User-friendly, web based application
 Time saving automated solution supported by a real life experts team
 No trading experience required

How does it work?
Binary Bug Algo Trading is a cutting edge script that runs specific trading strategy automatically to generate maximum profit at minimum risk on your behalf.
The formula constantly keeps on learning and improving itself, seeking new ways to enhance profit with reduced risk.

Binary Bug:
The automated script knows the market, knows where and when to take risks and allowing you to put all worries aside and enjoy the trading experience with complete confidence while knowing that your funds are being monitored by a team of financial experts that are there to answer all your questions and needs.

The key to the success of Saxo Binary sits with the combination of intelligent software and the personal touch that the support team provides.
“With great power comes great responsibility”, therefore we’ve logged over 30 months of live trading so that the system can automate a flawless strategy based on extensive analytic data and save you all the hesitation and concerns.